Sego slated to perform at indie rock bar Hi-Dive

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Denver indie rock bar Hi-Dive will get a visit from Los Angeles-based duo Sego on April 27. The performance will be packed with fast-paced, rhythmic tunes you can dance to.

Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll make up the electronic duo; these men come from the unsuspecting state of Utah. With eclectic tastes in music and an equally diverse musical background, the two aren’t short of vibrant lives that drive their music down a successfully unique path.

According to Carroll, his hometown of Provo, Utah, was a major hub for ska and punk shows. The music scene there ultimately influenced his career trajectory.

“[The shows] taught me a lot about what is possible in a live setting,” Carroll said. “The scene then went through a metamorphosis and turned into one of the coolest indie music scenes around.”

Carroll’s tunes have also changed over time. He originally began by playing orchestral bass, then shifted to the electric bass, became a guitarist in a disco punk band and eventually wrote his own songs. Some of his musical inspirations include Terry Riley and Billie Holiday; Carroll is also motivated by his hobbies, chess and rock climbing.

Both Carroll and Petersen have become better musicians after experiencing an initial series of trials and errors in navigating the music industry.

“Right after the move down to Los Angeles, I met up with an industry person who informed me that it takes about two years for a new band to start picking up traction in LA,” Carroll said. “At the time, that was the last thing I wanted to hear. Everyone has their own path, and it’s certainly the wild west, but there is a lot of truth to the necessity of time and patience.”

It’s no wonder their music almost places itself in its own genre. Their album Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around demands listeners to experience their music. It isn’t something to turn on and let play in the background.

Sego plays in at Hi-Dive in Denver on April 27 with Big Black Delta.

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