Bringing the meat: Potbelly Sandwich chain comes to Boulder

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The first Potbelly Sandwich Shop location in Boulder opened on Tuesday, March 22 at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall. The sandwich shop will serve free fresh cookies for the first week of business, and all of the “original” sandwiches on the menu are $6.

The Potbelly Sandwich Shop is furnished with different elements of wood. The delightful smell of bread wafts through the air, and the decor generates a friendly, relaxing, calm atmosphere. The overall ambiance of the shop is reminiscent of a cottage in the mountains.

“I like the people [of Potbelly Sandwich Shop],” said Hope Yohn, a general manager. “I found my best friends here.”

Yohn is attracted to the general friendliness of the shop. She earned degree in molecular biology at University of Texas, but she decided to continue her full-time job at Potbelly Sandwich Shop while she was studying in Texas. Now managing the Boulder location, Yohn has served Potbelly sandwiches to customers for four years.

As a de facto expert in all things related to Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Yohn recommended trying “A Wreck,” one of the signature sandwiches of the restaurant. The bread ranges in size, from 4 inches to 8 inches. Sesame seeds on the top of the sandwich add a savory smell. Despite the cute appearance, the sandwich packs a punch — it’s loaded with meat and has strong, and slightly sweet tastes of turkey, ham and roast beef.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is located in front of the Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop at Twenty Ninth Street. The shop responds to catering needs online. If you’re in the mood for a treat, grab warm sandwiches and meet the friendly staff at Potbelly, one of Boulder’s newest culinary additions.

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