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Course Hero, the education technology company that serves as an open sharing platform of study materials, is stepping up their efforts in helping students achieve their academic goals.

Throughout the semester, Course Hero is giving away a total of $1 million in personal tutoring to 10,000 students, amounting to $100 of free sessions to students across the country. The website offers tutors in addition to flaschards and study notes, which are usually uploaded by students. While that 100 dollars doesn’t seem like much, CEO Andrew Grauer believes his company has made it affordable for students to get adequate assistance with this credit.

“They can ask questions, three dollars per question, from business to humanities, and no scheduling,” says Grauer. “The tutor can be a PhD from across the globe or a local grad student from around CU.”

The Cornell graduate started the company in 2006, with the idea that an online platform could be used by students to share their notes and knowledge with each other. It can include everything from homeworks to labs to flashcards for studying. Now, they are upping the ante, giving those at eligible universities the chance to cash in on some additional outside help. Some aspects of the tutoring include one-on-one help from experts on any subject, assistance on difficult homework questions and 24/7 homework help access.

The idea is simple: the open sharing of ideas to inspire critical thinking. Grauer also mentions that Course Hero’s goal is to provide tutoring opportunities for students who don’t have the financial means to afford private tutors, which can be a very costly endeavor.

“We’re thrilled to give away the one mil, really excited to help people who can’t afford private tutoring or private study aid,” says Grauer. “This is the first time we’re ever doing this on this scale, excited to find more study material. Even if they students don’t win they can find more resources to help them in their classes.”

Giveaways reset each week, with the current set running out six days from now. Course Hero is continuing the sweepstakes through May 2nd, and still has thousands of dollars more to give to students in need of a helping hand.

Andrew Haubner

Andrew Haubner is the General Assignment Editor at the CU Independent. A senior from New York, he can be found on twitter @a_g_haubner.

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