Meet Nic Morse, the Republican running against Jared Polis

It is an election year, and that doesn’t just apply to the presidency. Many congressional seats will be up for reelection, including Colorado’s second district. Incumbent Democrat Jared Polis is looking to retain his seat as Colorado’s representative. Polis will be running against the GOP candidate Nicolas Morse.

Morse has been a member of the Larimer County Republican Party. He worked his way to being the party’s treasurer.

Morse supports a reform to public education. He believes his experience in the public school system gives him insight as to how the school system should work. The congressional hopeful mentioned the Liberty Common School as an example.

Liberty Common, located in Fort Collins, is a charter school. Its curriculum states that it has the best education system in mind. It claims it offers the necessary knowledge a child should learn year-by-year, in an appropriate manner for that age, though it has had its critics.

In addition to the public education system, Morse has also been critical of the last two sessions of congress. He plans to help fix this problem.

“One vote can go a long way,” Morse said. “Especially when it comes to challenging branches that are overreaching their bounds.”

He talked about Congress passing things to get a deal done, rather than doing the right thing. If elected, Morse wants to keep the three branches within the bounds he sees.

Morse also advocated for protecting America. According to him, part of this has to do with the immigration system.

“We need to make sure we have strong legal immigration,” Morse said. “People follow the laws, because a bad start can’t lead to a good ending and that’s what our immigration system is right now.”

This comes in light of the Syrian refugee crisis. Morse has not been in favor of Colorado accepting these refugees. He claims that the process to claim refugee status has not been thoroughly met and that if people were to be fully vetted they would be welcome.

In regards to a current issue, Morse does not believe the FBI should be given backdoor access to Apple’s iOS. He believes the FBI should narrow what it’s asking for from Apple, though he isn’t of the opinion that Apple is a beacon of hope.

Current congressman Polis acknowledged the situation on Tuesday, and this is one of the few issues him and Morse also have some sort of common ground.

“The federal government’s demand to force a private company to develop new decryption software for its own device in the name of national security will produce the exact opposite results,” Polis said. “The courts should overturn this misguided decision and leave the debate over encryption to the proper venue in Congress.”

Morse is awaiting the Colorado caucuses this upcoming Tuesday. This will see if Morse gets on the ballot for the primary later in the year. He will need 30 percent of the vote to achieve this feat.

Jake Mauff

Jake Mauff is the Editor-in-Chief and staff writer for the CU Independent. He enjoys biking, hiking and running in what little free time that he has, and he has interviewed a variety of interesting people including a presidential candidate. You can follow him on Twitter at @jake_mauff.

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