Hooked app brings new deals to CU students

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Well-known delivery company Hungry Buffs provides students with the means to get food conveniently, but what about at a discount? The Hooked app aims to solve this question by providing students with what they refer to as “hooks,” short-term discounts at restaurants around campus.

While CU gets flooded with coupon books at the beginning of the semester, Hooked distributes deals on an hourly basis, each one lasting no more than five hours, making these deals especially exclusive to those who use the app.

Tim Rothwell, CEO of Hooked, said the idea came after having lunch with a friend.

“My best friend and I were eating the same thing for lunch every single day,” Rothwell said. “We realized that students would greatly benefit from an app that shows them the best restaurants and deals going on in their college town.”

Hooked operates in 23 different college markets, and has been live in Boulder for approximately four months. It has received over 6,000 downloads from CU students. Sixty-two restaurants in Boulder are in partnership with Hooked, most of which can be found in the University Memorial Center or popular places on the Hill.

The app, titled “Hooked Deals,” is free on Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Sydney Worth

Sydney is a junior majoring in journalism and political science.

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