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Abortion — a word that holds so much power in our society. Whether it leads to pro-life or pro-choice arguments, this little word has the ability to create a storm, especially within the political world.

There shouldn’t be an argument at all because a woman should be able to believe whatever she wants about it — no questions asked.

But for some reason, men believe that they, too, should be able to voice their opinions. Of course they have this right, but they don’t know the entirety of the situation.

One thing that particularly grinds my gears is the fact that Republican men with so much power in our country believe that they have the right to control a woman’s body when they have no idea what it’s like to be a woman. They don’t have to fear that they could become pregnant at any time, resulting in a complete change in their lifestyles. They don’t have to fear that having a child could set them back in their careers. They don’t have to fear many of the things that women fear if they become pregnant and are not ready for a child.

Many reasons may lead a woman to have an abortion, but those reasons shouldn’t matter. If she feels that she isn’t able to have this child, she should have the right not to. Let’s take rape, for example. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, she may not want her future child due to the fact that this child will always be a piece of her attacker, constantly reminding her of the trauma she was forced to go through.

However, West Virginia Republican Brian Kurcaba disagrees. He believes that although rape is horrible, a “beautiful child” is able to come out of it. Yes, you read that correctly.

First of all, I’m unable to see how rape results in something beautiful. When I think of rape, I think of post-traumatic stress disorder, violence and depression. I don’t think of the possibility of a child coming out of it. Second of all, if a child were to be born, I would have sympathy for the child. The mother may not ever be able to fully love her child, due to the fact that it was unwanted. Also, she may see the face of her attacker, causing her to have even more negative feelings towards the child.

As a man, Kurcaba’s opinion is irrelevant. He obviously will never have the ability to become pregnant. Therefore, if he were to ever get raped, he would not have to fear that he could be pregnant with his attacker’s child. Therefore, how is he able to say that rape leads to a beautiful creation?

Furthermore, Kurcaba is not the only Republican to make remarks such as this one. A few years ago, Missouri representative Todd Akin stated, “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

Akin has obviously never taken a biology class. His remark is even more ridiculous than Kurcaba’s. If a female’s eggs can be fertilized with a male’s sperm in a laboratory, it’s highly unlikely that the female eggs just “know” not to release.

To ring in the New Year, Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood for the eighth time because of its abortion services. Also, there is already a federal law that prevents tax money from going to abortion.

As a woman, it feels as if my own country is against me. Not only does it seem like half of the country is opposed to abortion, but it’s also discrimination against women. Not only is Congress hurting women who want abortions, but they are hurting women who may use Planned Parenthood for other resources such as birth control, breast exams, testing and Pap smears. Many women use Planned Parenthood as a resource because they do not have comprehensive health care that can provide them with these necessities.

A common theme seems to be that men have a huge opinion about something that doesn’t concern them. How do they understand the subjects of rape and abortion when their bodies are completely different than a woman’s? Ultimately, this is upsetting because with their privilege and positions of power, their opinions are able to be shared with the masses while most women (especially victims) stay quiet.

The problem starts with our country’s politicians. If they believe they have the rights to control our bodies, then they will make subsequent legislation. Many citizens believe that abortion should be an option, though Congress ignores our voices. I am tired of being ignored, and I want to see a change in our federal law. Planned Parenthood is an amazing resource for women, and if the government even just had taxpayer’s money go to Planned Parenthood, it would be a great start to a bright future for women.

Mackenzie Brecker

Mackenzie Brecker is a sophomore at CU Boulder studying journalism with an emphasis in creative writing.

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