Super Bowl champion Broncos parade through Denver

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To the victor go the spoils. The Denver Broncos celebrated their Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers with a parade through Denver on Tuesday. Denver earned itself a big win on Sunday, and this celebration was also anything but small. A million fans showed up to congratulate the team.

RTD light rail stations across the city were tied up with jam-packed fans. Some diehards had to wait an hour just to buy tickets before trying to cram into a train. The mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, tweeted that over a million people came out to support the Broncos.

Once on the parade route, players and coaches were ushered in on display atop fire engines and pickup trucks while confetti fell from some buildings. This elicited numerous loud callings from the fans as each automobile drove by. Once the procession passed, the fans followed en route to the Civic Center.

At the Center, Hancock and the governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, both spoke. The floor was then given to the players, the GM, John Elway, and the head coach, Gary Kubiak. Von Miller took the stage with “MVP!” chants from the crowd. Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware were the last to take the microphone.

Pyrotechnics enhanced the show, as did the Bronco flag that hung behind the stage.
An enormous amount of fans showed up, even though it was held at noon on a Tuesday. Fans from all shades of life contributed to this crowd.

One kid wore nothing but a barrel while holding his own Bronco flag. Keenan Leonard was giving his Mile High Salute to the famous Barrel Man. Covered in orange, he was in a very good mood.

“It feels amazing,” Leonard said. “It’s the best feeling of my life.”

He wasn’t alone in this. Kai Smith, Ty Silver, Cooper Smith, Will Ferrie, all showcasing Bronco gear, enjoyed the festivities.

“Awesome! Amazing!” They all agreed.

Broncos’ fans across the country share this reaction. They will all be hoping for a day like Tuesday to be happening again real soon.

Jake Mauff

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