This Is Boulder: Top views on campus

Nestled in the Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder may be small, with only just over 100,000 inhabitants, but its personalities are vast. “This Is Boulder” is a series by photographers with the goal of visually defining what it means to live 5,430 feet above sea level.

This week, CUI photographer Matt Sisneros searched every tower, staircase and balcony for the best views around the University of Colorado campus.

Here is what he found and how to get there:

8. Visual Arts Complex (VAC), fifth floor

Take elevator to fifth floor of the VAC and head to the south side of the building. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 7. Join Institute for Lab Astrophysics (JILA), 10th floor

When heading west past Farrand Field, turn right at Baker Hall. The tall building is JILA. Take the elevator to the ninth floor, and then the stairs to the 10th. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 6. UMC balcony

Head to the top floor of the UMC. Walk through the lounge to the glass doors onto the balcony. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 5. Farrand Field

Right in the middle of campus, between Farrand Hall, Cheyenne Arapaho Hall and Libby Hall. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 4. Folsom Field, sixth floor balcony

Take elevator up to the sixth floor of Folsom Field and turn right. Make sure to have something to hold the door open because it will lock on you. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 3. Folsom Field from the northeast side of the stadium

Enter through the main gates, then head to the northeast corner of the stadium. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 2. Varsity Lake

Head toward the west side of campus. Can’t miss it. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)

 1. Folsom Field, fifth floor balcony

In Folsom Field, take elevator to fifth floor, turn left, and go to the end of the hall. (Matt Sisneros/CU Independent)


Nate Bruzdzinski

Nate Bruzdzinski is a junior studio art major, photographer, nature enthusiast, sports buff (pun intended), and admirer of anyone with a british accent. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @nathbruz.

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