Free flu shots offered at Wardenburg

Computer science student Mohamed Hassan, 21, receives a free flu shot from the Wardenburg Health Center on Nov. 5, 2013. (James Bradbury/CU Independent)
Computer science student Mohamed Hassan, 21, receives a flu shot for free at Wardenburg Health Center on Nov. 5, 2013. (James Bradbury/CU Independent)

Flu season is here and Wardenburg Health Center is providing free flu shots to CU students.

According to Virginia Adler, medical clinic manager at Wardenburg, the on-campus health clinic gave 1,500 flu shots last year. This year, flu shots are now free, vaccines have skyrocketed.

“We have given about 2,500 vaccines,” Adler said. “We aren’t even halfway through the season. We have a lot [more] to go.”

Christen Mueller, a freshman studying speech, language and hearing sciences, said she tries to postpone getting her flu shot for as long as possible because she does not like shots. When she does get her flu shot this season, though, she said she’ll go to Wardenburg for the convenience.

Bryn Kastetter, a sophomore double majoring in integrative physiology and anthropology, also has yet to get vaccinated but said she’ll eventually go to Wardenburg because it’s convenient.

“I honesty haven’t found the time between classes, and I have been battling a cold, so I haven’t wanted to get it while I was feeling under the weather,” Kastetter, 19, said.

Sophomore geology major Nick Warren, 20, does not get sick easily and does not plan on getting vaccinated.

“I do take my vitamins to stay healthy,” Warren said. “That’s important.”

Free flu vaccines cost the university about $10 per shot, Adler said.

“That’s the cost of the vaccine and the labors,” Adler said, indicating Wardenburg employees.

Adler believes there aren’t any downsides to flu vaccines except that the shot “hurts like every other immunization.”

“It keeps you healthy,” Adler said.

Students can schedule appointments online here or walk in to get the vaccine. Wardenburg Health Center gives the shots 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students must have their Buff OneCards with them to receive the vaccine.

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