Chip, will you be my valentine?

To: Chip

Chip rallies the student in the Buffs home football game against USC. CUI's Marlee Horn writes final attempt to win Chips heart. (CU Independent/Amy Leder)

From: Marlee

I CU in my heart.

You put the “rad” in Colorado.

On this very special day, I decided to write a valentine for a very special Buffalo. You’re tall, dark and handsome, have all the right moves, and always put a smile on my face.

It was over a year ago when I first professed my love for you. Although many things have changed since then, my feelings have not. Deep down I’ll always love you.

We had some really fun times last year. We had cute little moments, like when you would spot me in the stands at Folsom Field or when you’d flirt with me in the press section of the Coors Events Center. As time went on, I learned to love a Buffalo. I was falling for you, but I knew it couldn’t last forever.

Seasons changed (and perhaps so did the person in your suit), and we spent less and less time together, and the magic started to fizzle. But that doesn’t change what we had. There was no denying there had been something between us.

In June, out of the blue, you made me the happiest girl at CU. You told me (on Twitter of course, because you can’t talk out loud) that you loved my article and that we’d definitely keep our love affair going into the new school year.

That didn’t exactly happen.

Maybe deep down in our hearts it did, but we didn’t have moments like we used to. In fact, we didn’t have any moments. I looked at you from afar at football games. I cheered for you at basketball games. But that was it. Our love story seemed to have reached its sad conclusion.

I hope that regardless of what’s happened since I first wrote you, you still have a special place in your heart for me, because I still have one for you.

As my time at CU comes to an end, I’m worried that our connection will do the same.

So here is my last ditch effort to get you to be my valentine.

While I hope the Buffs win their final games of the basketball season, I still hope to win your heart.

I’d like to be shoulder-to-shoulder with you. I’ll fight, fight for your love because this CU student knows no defeat on the battlefield of love.

Hopefully this love letter reminded you of the all the good times we had and inspired other readers to follow their hearts, regardless of how corny their professions of love might be.

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Marlee Horn

Marlee Horn is totally awesome. She is a junior majoring in news-editorial and minoring in ethnic studies. On any given day, she is most likely watching Sex and the City or SportsCenter. A Colorado native, Marlee is always rooting for her home teams, even if they are horrible or giving her a heart attack.

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