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The submissions have been collected and the student staff is ready to start editing and designing the 2012 CU Honors Journal.

The 2011 CU Honors Journal. (CU Independent Photo Illustration/Robert R. Denton)

“11/11/11” was the deadline to submit to the CU Honors Journal, a student-run journal published annually by the Honors Program.

Hannah Harsin Drager, a 22-year-old senior English and pre-education major, is editor-in-chief of the 2012 publication. She had expected to become a poetry editor and said she was delightfully surprised to find out she had received the lead position.

Harsin Drager said the goal she came up with at the beginning of the year was to have a high volume of submissions.

“That way we could pull important work from it and not feel like any section is the weak section of the journal,” Drager said.

Students could submit work ranging from a variety of genres, such as art, architecture, engineering, social sciences and poetry. The journal’s student editors in each of these sections then pick the best work.

Harsin Drager also emphasized that neither the staff nor those who submit need to be a part of the Honors Program.The publication is interdisciplinary, presenting a collection of works that reflect the utmost talent, diligence, and creativity among undergraduate students at CU.

A.J. Carrillo, a 22-year-old humanities major, works as publicity manager and is largely responsible for the multitude of posters students see around campus.

Carrillo has been with the journal for two years. He joined after he submitted to the publication. Although his submission was rejected, he was not disappointed.

 “The desire was to share my work and I believe that is the role of the honors journal — to help people share their work,” Carrillo said.

Sarah McCullar, a 21-year-old senior political science and women’s studies major, is the managing editor. She said she is excited to see people step into their roles as the journal enters the editing phase. The entire staff has to be in good standing and maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA. 

Like Carrillo, this is McCullar’s second year working with the journal. She is responsible for keeping work from submitters anonymous while the editing staff reviews it.

“For a completely student run publication, I think the product is pretty awesome,” McCullar said. 

The CU Honors Journal is handed out for free around campus. It is also available in the Honors Program Office.

McCullar thinks it’s a unique opportunity for students to submit.

“If they’re published they can put that on their resume that they had work published in a prestigious journal,” McCullar said. “We believe that if you do good work than it’s worth more than a grade and it should be recognized.”

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