Elk rut begins in Estes Park

This story is courtesy of Newsteam, posted on 27 October 2011.

I set out to film a natural sound package at Rocky Mountain National Park.

A natural sound package is a news piece that tells a story through sound and video with no reporter narration. It took me about six hours to get about 90 seconds of video that I thought was worthy.

There are certain days that my job does not stink and having the opportunity to film amazing animals. This elk herd in the mountains is one of the reasons I chose to stay in Colorado after getting out of the Army.

I hope you enjoy.

Paul Harris

Jin Wang

Eric Wang is a second year master student, studying Journalism. During the past two semesters, Wang has been exploring the media realm and has learned about the history, traditions, systems and current developments within the American Media Communication. Wang has completed various pragmatic work and has a wide array of skills through training as a photographer and working as a reporter. During the summer, Wang spent three months working as an intern at TBWTV in Los Angeles and hopes to be a professional journalist in the future.

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