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Interview with Aron Ralston

There are few who would argue that the act of self-amputation and consequent survival are superhuman feats. But Aron Ralston wouldn’t call it that.

Book Buff: “The Wishing Trees”

Mention a recent death in a conversation and individuals will most likely become apologetic, fidget and then quickly change the topic to something more light-hearted.

Book Review: “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”

Chelsea Handler is not shy. Then again, why should she be? As a late-night television host for E! and the best-selling author of three books, Handler knew she could talk about anything in her latest best-seller, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.”

Bad moon rising

About three things I am absolutely positive. First, that the “Twilight” series is awful. Second, there is a part of society, and I don’t know how dominant that part may be, that will thirst for my blood now that I have said that. And third, I don’t care and am still going to unconditionally and irrevocably join the multitude of people that dislike the series.