Norlin Library awarded $264,000 grant

The Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C recently awarded Norlin Library a grant of $264,000. This money will fund a new training program to prepare librarians in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming to use electronic government information.


CU ranks in top 100 for diversity

The University of Colorado at Boulder was ranked in several categories of the “Top 100 Undergraduate Producers” list in the June issue of “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.” CU’s overall ranking for awarding degrees to American Indian students was 59th. For Asian-Americans graduates, CU ranking was 64th. And for Hispanics, the university ranked 76th. However, the Boulder campus did not rank for awarding bachelor’s degrees to black students.


Student Fees to Increase

An administrative fee of more than $100 will be added to each CU student’s tuition per semester beginning this year. UCSU, the student legislature, voted and passed a bill to provide funds for capitol construction to build structures on campus for students on April 15, 2004. During this time, the state of Colorado was unable to grant CU the money to modernize the Fleming Law Building, which was outdated and no longer offered the minimum requirements to supply quality education.


Boulder pays homage to Living Legends

The scene at the Fox Theatre last night contrasted with that of a usual Sunday night in Boulder. Packs of students filled the venue to watch the Bay-area-based hip hop crew, Living Legends.


Wireless, graffiti and sandwiches

As if Boulder really needed another reason to love Half Fast Subs.

Half Fast Subs at 1215 13th St. recently installed a Wiffiti board that allows customers to “text out loud” while hanging out at the restaurant.

Wiffiti — a mix between wireless and graffiti — is spreading across the country.


Bobcats Put Down Buffs 19-10

The University of Colorado football team found out the meaning of the old adage the hard way with their 19-10 loss to Montana State on Sept. 2 before a crowd of 45,513 at Folsom Field.


Campus Voices

Years of tradition faded away when CU President Hank Brown moved his offices off the Boulder campus and into Denver this school year. Here’s what some students had to say.


Local Design Studio Merges Art and Business

Art, apparel and vinyl toys are not the only things JoyEngine, the brand new Pearl Street edition, has to offer. This unique gallery and Web design studio has provoked interest from businesses and consumers from around the Boulder community.

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