Virtual 'bikequest' set to hit Boulder

Biking around town or into the mountains will soon become an easier activity for residents of Boulder.

Boulder will be one of the first to install a revolutionary Web-based bike routing system for bikers that is set to hit the Internet in November.

Mars orbiter takes flight

Last week, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter began taking pictures of the surface of Mars. Scientists from many universities, including CU, collaborated to create the orbiter, which has begun the first part of its mission.

The orbiter began sending back pictures Oct. 6.

CU wraps up party information campaign

In the last two years CU has launched multiple alcohol initiatives with the hope of informing students of the dangers associated with alcohol and how to party in a safe environment. The Welcome Back Program is one such initiative, which has the university working along side the police and the city to limit alcohol-related incidents for students.

Campus safety crunch?

In the wake of four school shootings in one month, concern over safety in the school setting has reached the national level.

Classical Savion performs at Macky

A standing ovation met Savion Glover when he finished his two-hour performance Oct. 13 at Macky Auditorium. His show combined tap dance with classical music.

Monica Milewski flys to the top early in her tennis career

While most college athletes take time to adjust to a new environment, a new level of competition and increased expectations, CU women’s tennis standout Monica Milewski has wasted no time in making herself one of the best tennis players in the Big 12.

Men's water polo team aims high

The men’s club water polo team has its hopes set on a National Championship this year after two consecutive years of taking third place. And currently it looks like they are well on its way to achieving that goal.

Estrogen changes fish genitalia in Boulder Creek

Dr. David O. Norris, an integrative physiology professor and director of the Environmental and Comparative Endocrinology Laboratory at CU, is researching fish in the Boulder Creek downstream of the Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Along with the help of a couple of graduate students and volunteer undergrads, Norris has been collecting, sampling and processing fish from the creek since 2000. Many of Boulder Creek’s fish below the treatment plant have both male and female genitalia.

Celebratory for Some, Oppressive for Others

Both Denver’s inner city and the CU campus saw political activity from Oct. 5-7 over increasing controversies surrounding what is usually considered a standard holiday: Columbus Day.

Adults and students marched out of work and school to rally against what they consider a holiday of genocide and a celebration of colonization. While Denver’s protesters camped out at the city’s annual Columbus Day parade, a group of nearly 50 CU students gathered around the UMC.