Gov. race called for Ritter

The latest results from news sources across the nation have called the Colorado gubernatorial race for Bill Ritter.

The Denver Post and CNN declared Ritter the winner with 45 percent of precincts reporting. Among those precincts, 530,634 voted for Ritter to 402,018 for Bob Beauprez.

Republican convention blog

10:55 p.m.:

Congressman Tom Tancredo’s victory speech began shortly after 10:30 p.m. tonight, and the newly re-elected representative started his speech by introducing his family as the stars of the commercial that he said sealed victory for his campaign.

CP exit polls – Students want weed

The students have spoken, or rather hacked, their desire to see marijuana made legal in the Mile “High” State.

The Campus Press exit poll, conducted outside Libby Hall, shows that students on campus almost unanimously supported Amendment 44 — the legalization of marijuana.

CP exit polls – Dems getting the student vote

With arrival of Election Day, students scurried to the polls to cast their votes on marriage, pot and the gubernatorial candidates.

Many appeared to side with the Democrats, but a few voted students more conservatively.

Here’s what some student voters at the Boulder High School and University Hill Elementary School polling stations had to say.

Democratic convention blog

11:09 p.m.:

At 10:45, Bill Ritter came on the big screen. A drum procession preceded Ritter, his children and his wife Jeanie taking the stage.

On stage, Barb O’Brien, his running mate, spoke.

Buffs dominate Mines

The CU women’s basketball team dominated the Colorado School of Mines Sunday afternoon although two of CU’s starters got into foul trouble early in the game.

Juniors Kara Richards and Jackie McFarland each had three fouls by the end of the first half, and both had their fourth within the first three minutes of the second half.

Near misses cause traffic concerns

Inattention and digital technology have made certain campus traffic crossings a concern for cyclists, pedestrians and police.

University and CU Police Department officials sent a joint e-mail to students in October urging them to be more cautious around the crosswalks at Euclid and Broadway and Fiske Planetarium.