Leeds School of Business


Contaminated Colorado cantaloupe not a concern on campus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported 116 infections due to Listeria from contaminated cantaloupe grown in Colorado in 22 states since the FDA first issued a recall on Sept. 14. The FDA has confirmed that 100 percent of businesses to receive cantaloupes from the contaminated farm are being contacted and they are continuing to review the distribution …

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The politics of climate change

CU is becoming a hosting ground for the discussion of climate change and its prominence in American society. The Center for Environmental Journalism hosted a lecture Thursday evening in Eaton humanities titled, “Climate Change and the 2012 Election: The New Wedge Issue?” to discuss the issue of climate change in the political realm. The lecture featured Washington Post journalist Juliet …

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CU Greeks Go Green

The City of Boulder and the Environmental Center at CU will be resuming the Greek Sustainability Program in the upcoming weeks. The sustainability outreach program aims to improve energy and water conservation, weatherization of the Greek houses, the recruitment of a Green Chair and the involvement of the Greek Community,  according to the Environmental Center website. The program was originally …

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