Elections get facelift, on-campus polling stations in reforms

CU Student Government approved election reforms that call for, among other things, debates that are open to independent candidates and on-campus polling stations.

The longer of two laws passed on Feb. 13 delineates about 30 specific changes to CUSG Election Code, including topics that have been controversial among members of student government in the last three years such as independent candidates’ place at debates.

The Buffed Elections Act requires that independent candidates be invited to participate in election meetings and debates, which opens the doors for students to vie for a student representative position without joining one of two major tickets. Independent candidates’ viability will hinge largely on students turnout at debates.

Under the new code, anybody eligible to vote in the election may take out complaints against candidates — including election commissioners. In the past, commissioners could not challenge candidates or bring evidence against them.

It also requires that election registration and petition forms remain free to students.

The second elections law on which CUSG put its stamp of approval was the Electioneering Bill, which established on-campus polling stations that will be announced at least a week prior to the election that begins this spring on April 7.

The stations will be private and use only university computers. The CUSG election commissioner has the ability to decide how many computers are at each station.  They’ll be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Campaigning for or against candidates is prohibited within visible sight of polling places, at a minimum of 50 feet away.

The Buffed law stipulates penalties for distributing “consumables,” which appeared during elections last year in the form of free candy and pizza.

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Alison Noon

Alison is a senior at University of Colorado Boulder studying journalism and political science. She likes to run around outdoors when there’s time.

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