Broker Inn houses dorm overflow

Around 30 CU students stayed in the Broker Inn across from Williams Village this week while spaces open up on campus.

Broker Inn manager Frank Cortez confirmed that housing students in the hotel was only temporary.

This is the third year that the Broker Inn has been used for overflow housing. All of the students in the Broker Inn applied for housing after July 1.

According to Paula Bland, director of Residence Life at CU, the need to keep students at the Broker Inn comes from late arrivals.

“It’s very similar to other situations where people make reservations and pay a deposit and they don’t show up,” Bland said. “So we have a certain amount of students every year that make an application, put down a deposit, are assigned to a space in the residence hall and have until the first day of class to claim their space.”

“We always have that; some people just decide for whatever reason they’re not coming and then they don’t show up.”

Freshman civil engineering major Lindsey Cornwell, 18, sympathized with the students in the temporary housing.

“I think that sucks for them,” Cornwell said. “They moved in and now they have to pick up all their stuff and leave, so I’m not jealous.”

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