CU basketball player, Chucky Jeffery is the ‘total package’

For some players, basketball is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. This is the case for one of the most dynamic players in the history of Colorado women’s basketball, senior Chucky Jeffery.

Jeffery is equipped with a vast amount of skills. Defensively and offensively she is extremely versatile, with the ability to score from any given spot and to play solid defensive at any given time. She is crucial to the women’s team on both ends of the court, whether she is grabbing offensive or defensive rebounds, scoring in the paint or behind the arc, or dishing out passes to open teammates; Jeffery is the total package.

Senior Chucky Jeffery looks toward the basket as she makes her way across the court. (Amy Leder/CU Independent File)

Throughout her years at CU, not only have her skills improved but she has also become a leader by example and is the perfect reflection of a captain.

“I think over these 4 years I have matured a lot, growing into my roll on this team,” Jeffery said. “I’m just trying to be a leader.”

After the victory to the University of Arizona Wildcats this season on Jan. 20, she became the first ever Colorado player to achieve a career 1400 points, 800 assists, and 400 rebounds.

“It’s just a huge honor because there are a lot of good players that came through the program,” she said. “It’s great to be one of the first players to accomplish that goal.”

Jeffery began her career as a Buff in 2009, and in those four short years she has helped the program progress annually. But this humble star credits her accomplishments to her devoted teammates.

“I like going out on the floor knowing that I have a team that I have to back up and the team will always back me up,” she said. “We play together and have a well-rounded offense and solid defensive.”

In the previous years, CU has lacked a strong and talented bench. With a lack of depth, it has been difficult for the starting five to play an entire game. However, this year, the Buff’s seem to have a spark off of the bench.

“When our first five go off the floor our second five are almost as good,” she said. “We can get rotations in and out; some teams can only go seven or eight people deep.”

According to “USA Today Sports,” a coaching poll places the Buffs at No.23 on the top 25 list.

“We are one of best defensive teams in the Pac-12 and I think that’s what accounts for our ranking and our program right now,” Jeffery said.

Throughout her time here at CU, she has enjoyed her moments playing. Her most exciting game of her career was against Louisville on Dec. 14 this season, a top 10 opponent.

“[The game] was full of energy, the atmosphere was awesome,” she said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, it was a really great feeling.”

After the No. 8 Louisville defeat, Jeffery was named ESPN [woman] player of the week. In the game Jeffrey scored 22 points, had seven rebounds, and four assists. The win was the Buffs’ first win over a top-10 team since 2002, when they beat No. 5 Stanford.

She offers a piece of advice for younger players and future players for the Buffs.

“Keep working hard and always try to perfect your craft,” she said. “Nothing is ever too good, even your strengths can be stronger and your weaknesses can get greater, you just always have to keep working.”

Jeffery and the Buffs return home again on Feb. 8 to take on the Oregon State Beavers.

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