Weekly Recipe: Recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

You made it through another Thanksgiving, and Mom sent you home with more leftovers than you could carry.

Sick of turkey, but don’t want to throw everything out? These recipes put a new spin on Thanksgiving leftovers, keeping your stomach and wallet full until winter break.

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Post-Thanksgiving Monte Cristo

It’s an updated version of the classic turkey sandwich and a Monte Cristo recipe with a Thanksgiving twist. Use Rachael Ray’s Monte Cristo recipe as a basis for this holiday-inspired version. First, make two pieces of French toast (bread dipped in a beaten egg, sprinkled with cinnamon). While the second side of the toast is frying in the pan, spread the already-cooked side with leftover cranberry sauce and Dijon mustard. Top with slices of turkey and a slice of white cheese – either provolone or Swiss. Stack the sandwich altogether, turn down the heat, and let the insides get warm. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try dipping your sandwich in maple syrup.

Stuffing Frittata

Though the name might sound fancy, this is as easy as dumping leftover stuffing and turkey into an oven-safe dish, smothering with shredded cheese and dumping eight beaten eggs on top. The baked eggs give the whole dish a different taste, and this makes a ton of food. Though you can freeze pieces of the frittata for a few months, it’s best to eat this recipe straight from the fridge. Frittatas are great because with all the eggs, this huge dish can be eaten for breakfast or dinner, no side dish required.

Martha Stewart’s Turkey and Rice Soup

Here’s another simple, cheap and filling soup that can be frozen in portions for months of storage. You can substitute the leek for an onion, add carrots, leave out the parsnip or do whatever veggie substitutions you’d like. Sautee the vegetables in butter first; then add the turkey stock. If you don’t have the patience to make your own turkey stock, substitute vegetable broth. Simply stir your turkey and rice into the boiling broth, and when it’s heated through, you’re done. You can substitute rice for orzo or barley, depending on what you have on hand.

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