CUSG enters into executive session during Thursday meeting

After four hours of discussion during the weekly CU student government legislative council meeting on Thursday, CUSG entered into executive session at 11 p.m., a decision that permits only CUSG members to be in attendance during discussion.

The move to executive session was passed by an 11-4-2 vote during discussion of the Fair Access and Equality Bill. The bill is about making cost center resources available to the Interfraternity Council (IFC). Currently, CU fraternities are not formally recognized by the university.

“There is certain privileged information we cannot discuss with those who are not a part of CUSG,” said Zeke Johnson, the vice president of the council.

Vice President of Legislative Council Zeke Johnson laughs with Legislative Council President Colin Sorensen as the latter discusses his bill reforming the council bylaws in 38 instances about two hours into the longer-than-four-hour meeting Thursday. The bill passed first reading and will move forward in the legislative process. (Robert R. Denton/CU Independent)

The meeting began with an open hearing, allowing members of the public to address the council. Four students addressed a policy regarding the school’s public funding going to the IFC, a bill to be voted on later in the meeting entitled the Fair Access and Equality Bill. All four students spoke out in opposition to the policy.

The Fair Access and Equality Bill, written by Logan Schlutz, the Vice President of Internal Affairs and a member of Chi Psi, would “encourage continual dialogue between the university and the IFC.” After several amendments were made to the bill, Legislative Council voted in favor of executive session.

The CU Independent was informed that further information would be provided at a later time.

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