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Storify: Election 2012

Storify: Election 2012

Live updates form Election night 2012, focusing on both CO and the nation.

Storified by Isa Jones · Tue, Nov 06 2012 14:45:40

I just realized I will be missing out on the most imporant race this Election Day: What kind of pizza the newsroom will be gettingMitchell Byars
We’re loving this re-election kenyan coffee brew – BARACKTI CHAI – can’t wait for @BoulderTheater tonight!#VoteObama http://pic.twitter.com/et5lgyo6Bhakti Chai
Boulder County voters make their way to the polls. Inside Boulder News covers #election2012 results Friday. http://pic.twitter.com/P6PrHapgNatalie Wood
Air Force One on the runway at O’Hare. Chicago Expressway shutting down for motorcade. Bring it home tonight, Barack. #Election2012Noah Clark
Proud to be an American today. #ivoted for the first time today. #election2012Ashley Trenkle

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