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Obama visits CU

President Barack Obama is visiting the University of Colorado at Boulder for the third time in less than a year Thursday. Check back often for the latest!

Storified by Rob Denton · Thu, Nov 01 2012 17:19:07

Sen. Michael Bennett in open neck button down shirt. #ObamaCU #notdressingupforthepresidentJohn Aguilar
Pledge of Allegiance just happened. Coors Events Center now about 90% full #ObamaCUJohn Aguilar
"and Lord, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Amen." #ObamaCUGemma Solomons
Roger Wolsey, Pastor, Wesley Fellowship now on stage giving convocation #ObamaCUJohn Aguilar
"Let’s swing Colorado blue!" Jared Polis #obamacu Farris
@jaredpolis "Are we fired up?" Crowd loves it. Polis steps off stage. #ObamaCUJohn Aguilar
@jaredpolis says "let’s invest in students." crowd likes it. Also talks of marriage for all. #ObamaCUJohn Aguilar
Jared Polis is on the stage. "Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan want insurance companies to decide healthcare for women." #ObamaCUCaitlin Rockett
Congressman Jared Polis takes the podium to address the crowd. #ObamaCUDaniel Harlan
Northwest side of campus pretty quiet. #obamacuRob Denton
President Obama lands at Buckley AFB. Headed to campaign stop in Boulder.7NEWS DenverChannel
The Coors Event Center fills before the president’s arrival. #ObamaCU Yulsman
Live musicians have left the stage. Now videos of POTUS, family and presidency play on jumbotron. Crowd seems mildly interested #ObamaCUJohn Aguilar
The Head and the Heart perform prior to Obama’s speech at Coors. (James Bradbury/CU Independent) #ObamaCU Independent
Coors is beginning to fill-up. (James Bradbury/CU Independent) #ObamaCU Independent
Internet isn’t working here :( #obamacuJess Farris
FYI they didn’t check my blue ticket. Could have easily gone to a closer section. #obamacuMichael T. Morris
Still plenty of room for all those still in line. #ObamaCU Harlan
Pres. Obama now on his way to 3rd stop of the day: a rally at the Univ of Colorado in Boulder.Mark Knoller
And now 3 hours until the big man arrives. #obamaCUGemma Solomons
Closures are in effect. Be sure you find alternate methods to Coors Event Center. #ObamaCU Harlan
Damn good seats! #obamaCU #hellyeahindoors Solomons
Voting shoes! #obamacu #votejfarrisknight
Secret service well of course #ObamaCU T. Morris
Just saw Jared Polis mingling with the common folk, but fail at journalism for not getting a pic #obamaCUGemma Solomons
K9 cop doing his job #obamacujfarrisknight
Line is moving at a decent pace. Was told we will definitely get in. #ObamaCUDaniel Harlan
Someone across campus yells "Romney Ryan!" So far the only Romney supporter here #obamacuNatalie Boyd
K9 enforcer behind the trees #ObamaCU fish
Bags will be checked. No telephoto cameras or water bottles. Fountains available inside. #ObamaCU #security Harlan
Just arrived at the end of the line which goes through about half the campus #ObamaCU #puddingcamera Nowicki
Question 1: where is the water coming from? Question 2: where is the beer? #obamaCU Solomons
Line currently extends to the north entrance of the engineering center. #ObamaCUDaniel Harlan
Long lines as the doors are set to open for Obama’s speech. (James Bradbury/CU Independent) Independent
Alright Obama we are waiting #ObamaCU T. Morris
It’s a lovely day for a long line. #obamacu @ University of Colorado, Boulder Farris
The CU will have numerous journalists covering the event including photos, video and text.
As of 2:30, about 300 in line for #ObamaCU. Doors open at 4pm. Parking, road closures, etc. here: Police
#ObamaCU Hendry
President Obama is coming to CU today. This is his 3rd trip to our campus in less than a year. Can’t imagine why he loves Boulder so muchPaige Janulewicz
Use #ObamaCU to communicate about the president’s third trip to CU Boulder, happening this eveningCU Independent
Obama rally at CU-Boulder tonight to result in rolling closures along U.S. 36: Superstorm Sandy prevented President… CO News
Preparations continue for #ObamaCU visit. Regent Drive closed to through traffic 1-10pm. Police
What do you think of Obama’s third visit to CU? Independent
Obama campaign at CU-Boulder (11/1/2012) | Thursday, Nov 01, 04:00 PM | #cusoonCU-Boulder Events

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