Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks at CU Boulder [LIVE VIDEO]

Current libertarian presidential candidate, and former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson is scheduled to speak at 7:00 p.m. in CU Boulder’s Mathematics building (room 100). During this campaign stop, he is expected to speak about being a third-party candidate in this election, Colorado Amendment 64, and field questions from the audience. The former Libertarian Party of Colorado state chair Travis Nicks, Uncle Nasty from 106.7 KBPI, and Eapen Thampy with Americans for Forfeiture Reform are expected to speak before Johnson tonight.


Thanks to Rocky Mountain Streams for livestream recording and access.
Watch the recording of the Live Video here:

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Stephen Kasica

Colorado raised, Stephen is originally from rural Fruita, Colo., where people say “in a world with fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows?” At CU, he studies journalism 2.0 between his minor in Technology, Arts, and Media from the ATLAS Institute and his News-Editorial major from JMC. Before coming to the CU Independent he worked as a technology writer and digital content producer for the Umbrellagraph Press. His current goals are to implement interactive, journalistic content into the CU Independent and how to set his laser printer to stun. Contact Stephen via email:

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  1. Awesome speech as always. Never “flip flops”, is true to himself and the Constitution. Gov Johnson 2012 and beyond. The two party system will begin to crumble. The two parties represent corporations and sprecial interests, not The People. The Libertarian party represents THE PEOPLE. What people need to do is re-evaluate their standing politically, and change parties if need be. I was registered with the two party but changed it to LP last year. More people are Libertarian but don’t realize their is a party for them..they believe it’s just one way or the other. LIVE FREE

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