#Politicallyrelevant Halloween costumes

The  heated 2012 election has provided many memorable one-liner moments that are perfect for Halloween costumes. Below the CU Independent has compiled a list of politically relevant costumes for the savvy voter to show off his or her political knowledge.

Workout Paul Ryan
After TIME magazine printed Ryan’s 2011 photo shoot showing off his guns, an explosion of memes depicting the VP candidate working out spread through the Internet. Whether you want to show your support for Ryan or your disapproval of mansplaining, Workout Paul Ryan is great for connecting with supporters of your candidate – and getting into verbal throw-down with those who don’t. A gray T-shirt and workout shorts with a backward red baseball cap and tennis shoes make up the costume, complete with a pair of dumbbells as props.

Unemployed Big Bird
In the first presidential debate, Republican candidate Gov. Mitt Romney promised to cut multiple programs. Although Romney “loves Big Bird,” he would get rid of PBS, along with the giant yellow bird of many Americans’ childhood. To become Big Bird of the future, throw on a dirty, torn-up T-shirt, glue on some yellow feathers and write up a cardboard sign with some of “Sesame Street’s” famous sayings. You may make some money with, “This unemployed American brought to you by Romney.” But you might also get punched.

(CU Independent Graphic Illustration/Josh Shettler)

Binder Woman
This costume, based on Romney’s “binders full of women” gaffe from the second debate, can be worn by both women and men alike. Make a large binder out of cardboard, attach to yourself and throw on a cap. Look out, it’s Binder Woman!

The National Debt 
This Romney talking point is a hot-button topic for both sides of the aisle. Luckily, the costume is simple, cheap and won’t wrack up your own personal debt: cut a large “$” out of red posterboard and attach a string to hang from your neck.

Trampled Jim Lehrer
Obama and Romney talked over and cut-off each other, as well as timid moderator, Jim Lehrer, during the first debate. Lehrer was left disheveled and confused metaphorically, which makes for the perfect costume. Wear your dirtiest suit and tie and a disheveled grey wig. The costume is complete with an old man mask or painted worried wrinkles.

Narcoleptic Obama
Pundits and voters alike criticized Obama’s first debate performance for his low energy. Some mocked him for being asleep, and the president himself joked about his behavior. The simple costume only needs a blue suit, an Obama mask and the ability to pass out.

Everyday Mitt and Ann
Romney joked at the recent Al Smith charity dinner that he and wife Ann wear white tie outfits around the house. This partner costume is simple enough if you and a friend own a tuxedo and ballroom gown. If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on designer duds, a tuxedo T-shirt and a homecoming dress will suffice to make the point.

Horses-and-Bayonets vs. Aircraft Carrier
The president’s third debate zinger pairs might with might: the Navy of 1917 and today’s aircraft carriers. A horse-stick toy and a toy gun with a makeshift bayonet completes the horse costume, but we’ll let you be creative with the aircraft carrier.

Clint Eastwood and Chair-bama

Clint Eastwood’s lecture to an invisible Obama was one of the most talked-about speeches at the Republican National Convention. Clint Eastwood can be rugged or crazy, depending on the political statement you want to make. Walk around with a chair or have a friend dress up as a chair, and rant at either for the night.

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Avalon Jacka

Avalon Jacka is a senior at the University of Colorado, studying News-editorial journalism and Russian studies. She loves music and hopes to incorporate it into her career someday. When she isn't doing homework, Jacka spends her time singing with the radio, analyzing television far too in-depth and hanging out with her friends. She has also been known to play Mortal Kombat on the PS2 and win. It is one of her greatest accomplishments to date. Contact CU Independent Entertainment Editor Avalon Jacka at Avalon.jacka@colorado.edu.

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