Weekly Recipe: HallowDranks

With Halloween just a week away, it’s time to prepare for the week-long onslaught of costumed debauchery. CU Independent Editor Avalon Jacka put these drink recipes together so you can entertain your guests with macabre libations.

This savory-yet-sweet variation of the fan-made drink is similar to the warm winter drink described in the Harry Potter series. Its buttery, salty taste perfectly accompanies the sweetness of butterscotch.

(CU Independent/Avalon Jacka)

1 can creme soda
1 shot rum
Half shot butterscotch schnapps
Half Tbsp. butter
Small scoop vanilla ice cream

1. Bring creme soda to a boil, remove from heat.
2. Mix in rum and schnapps.
3. Top with butter and ice cream and allow to melt. Serve warm.

Serves one

Drunk Dracula

This tangy red cocktail is just what Dracula and his brood would drink after a long night sucking blood.

(CU Independent/Avalon Jacka)

4 shots pomegranate juice
2 shots vodka
2 shots lemon juice
Splash grenadine

1. Mix pomegranate juice, vodka and lemon juice together and chill.
2. Pour into high ball glass.
3. Add grenadine to taste for a bloody visual effect.

Serves one


These shots just may be the death of you, but it will “shine.”

(CU Independent/Avalon Jacka)

2 shots rum
1 shot pomegranate juice
1 shot lime juice
Red food coloring

1. Mix first three ingredients together, chill.
2. Divide into four shot glasses.
3. Add one drop food coloring.

Serves four

Spooky Spirits
The ghostly appearance of the ice cream in this chocolate coffee drink will keep you up longer than the caffeine.

(CU Independent/Avalon Jacka)

2 shots chocolate vodka
5 shots coffee, chilled
Vanilla ice cream

1. Brew and chill coffee.
2. Mix chocolate vodka with cooled coffee.
4. Pour into tumbler glass.
3. Add scoop of ice cream. Shape the ice cream like a ghost for a ghastly specter in your cup.

Serves one

Witches’ Brew
This variation of Long Island iced tea — with limeade and lemon-lime soda instead of lemonade and cola — is slightly less alcoholic than the original. But the ghastly green brew will still bewitch you.

(CU Independent/Avalon Jacka)

5 shots limeade
6 shots lemon-lime soda
1 shot lemon juice
1 shot rum
1 shot tequila
1 shot vodka
1 shot triple sec
Green and yellow food coloring
Splash grenadine
Tapioca or peeled grapes (optional)

1. Mix all ingredients except food coloring, grenadine and tapioca/grapes in a punch bowl and chill.
2. Add one drop of yellow and green food coloring.
2. Divide mixture into two glasses.
3. Drop tapioca or grapes in for eye of newt.
4. Add grenadine to taste for children’s blood.

Serves 2

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Avalon Jacka

Avalon Jacka is a senior at the University of Colorado, studying News-editorial journalism and Russian studies. She loves music and hopes to incorporate it into her career someday. When she isn’t doing homework, Jacka spends her time singing with the radio, analyzing television far too in-depth and hanging out with her friends. She has also been known to play Mortal Kombat on the PS2 and win. It is one of her greatest accomplishments to date. Contact CU Independent Entertainment Editor Avalon Jacka at Avalon.jacka@colorado.edu.

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