Movie Buff: “Here Comes the Boom” brought the boom

“Here Comes The Boom,” out Friday, is “Nacho Libre” meets the “Rocky” series.

The movie encapsulates the ultimate achievement of Scott, played by Kevin James, as a washed-up high school teacher who’s lost all motivation. After a turn of events, Scott finally decides to do something — a typical Hollywood story.

If you cared for someone, would you take a kick to the face for them? Probably not. But Scott does just that for his budget-cutting school, hoping to earn enough money as a mixed-martial arts fighter to save the music program and personal friend Marty, played by Henry Winkler. If your wondering how funny the movie is, just picture Kevin James wearing UFC shorts and throwing punches.

Kevin James in ‘Here Comes the Boom. (Courtesy Sony Pictures Digital Inc.)

It’s the feel-good story of the year, despite dislocated shoulders, broken noses, cut open lips and jaw-displacing punches. Scott chases his goal through hard-hitting punches and an unpredictable relationship with a tough-chinned cage fighter, played by Bas Rutten.

By not trying too hard to make high school look cool, the movie didn’t go down the horrible path of “High School Musical.” Instead, it Superman-punched cheesy high school movies in the face with a fairly sound plot line and some of the funniest scenes in a while.

As if watching a 47-year-old biology teacher named Scott trying to beat someone up isn’t enough, the movie shows us how motivated one person can be to chase something impossible, and through every obstacle still obtain it.

His obstacles aren’t cliché mountains and valleys. They’re broken schools, failing educators and cages full of men trying to break his soul. Scott gains the audience’s respect as he loses one fight after the next, putting his body through what some would call torture. Then comes the satisfying moment when Scott gets his first knockout, which tastes better than the Swedish Fish you’ll probably be eating in the theater.

This is the catalyst for the sweat-dripping, teeth-gripping cliché winning streak this country loves to watch. Everyone wants to see Kevin James knock out a man whose middle name is “Mayhem.”  He goes on to win a number of fights and make a few friends, like announcer Joe Rogan, before finally earning his way into a UFC bout.

It’s the fight Scott’s been working for, the kind that comes with Las Vegas publicity and a sold-out MGM Grand. After a last minute controversy he realizes he won’t make enough money to save the school if he loses. He has to win a fight against Krzysztof Soszynski, a man many call “The Polish Experiment.” This classic final fight scene is one for the ages, stil mixing laughs and punches like peanut butter and jelly.

The UFC gave its name for use to director Frank Coraci,and he used it well. He didn’t portray it as an organization that hosts fights between less-than-sane martial artists. Rather, this film shows that the UFC builds relationships within its community. It’s a place where fighters compliment each other after three rounds of body jabs. Now that is sportsmanship.

When all the fight scenes and laughable moments are over, you’ll probably walk out of the film with a smile on your face. It’s a little more family centered, like most of James’ other films. However, you could always use that as an excuse to get your parents to take you out for dinner and a movie. The film does a decent job of leaving you with a message of sacrifice and dedication.

I myself have a few critiques for this kind of film. It isn’t Oscar-worthy. Besides watching Kevin James earn the affection of Salma Hayek, there isn’t anything to impressive about the movie. But, if you’re just a college kid looking for a laugh, the movie is worth the admission ticket. I have to give this movie two and half landed punches out of five.

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