Photo challenge: week one

As a way to help our CU Independent photographers develop their skills and expand their creative approaches to photography, we have formed an assignment that is both fun and challenging. Each week, one CUI staff photojournalist is randomly given five unrelated and completely different topics or concepts. It is then up to the photographer to get five unique photos — one for each of their given topics.

This is meant to be a challenge. The photographers can interpretate the theme any way they wish as long as the photo can relate to it. We hope to challenge them to think outside the box. To make others think twice about the topic. To get the photo no one would think of.

This week features photos by photojournalist Haleigh Jacobson. Her given topics/concepts were color, angels, education, laughter and macro.

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Haleigh Jacobson

Haleigh is a sophomore international affairs and studio art major at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently a staff photographer for the CU Independent. She previously worked for her nationally acclaimed high school newspaper The Orange & Black. When Haleigh is not taking pictures, she can be found spending time with friends and family, traveling, or crafting. Contact CU Independent Staff Photojournalist Haleigh Jacobson at

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