Want more time? Make a list, check it twice

To-do lists keep time manageable

What do you need to do today? You can make to-do lists for the day, for the week or for the year. But why should you make them? Why go to the trouble?

A to-do list:

1. Translates a thought down onto paper, making what you need to do easier to remember.

2. Helps you stay organized and prioritize what you need to do.

3. Helps you stay stress-free, because you won’t forget an appointment or class if it’s written down.

4. Gives your day an outline so you can plan your day and decide how much time to spend on certain things accordingly.

5. Gives you a sense of control if you are having a stressful day. You can see everything in front of you and take small steps to get them all done.

6. Crossing things off gives you a sense of accomplishment and takes weight off your chest.

What do CU students say?

Andrew Shewmaker, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, makes ‘to do’ lists.

“It’s a good way to organize what I need to do. At the end of the day it gives me a sense that I got stuff done,” Shewmaker said.

Matthew Davidow, a senior advertising major, does not write to do lists.

“I don’t think (‘to do’ lists) are necessary,” Davidow said. “I write important things on my hand.”

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