Beauprez concedes

With the tallies just in, it has been called that Bill Ritter will be Colorado’s next governor. Bob Beauprez took the stage to make a speech in front of his Republican adorers.

By the applause Beauprez received from the audience, you would think he was about to give a victory speech.

Beauprez acknowledged that it was difficult to make a speech like the one he gave, but he thanked the audience and all the members of his campaign for the work and money they gave.

Beauprez said the toughest part of his loss won’t be for he and his wife, Claudia, but for the hundreds of Coloradans who worked countless hours.

Despite his loss, Beauprez feels the Republican day of celebration will come very soon.

“Things happen for a reason,” he said.

He also congratulated Ritter on his victory and said the fate of Colorado now lies in his hands.

“This is a great state,” he said. “Now it is Ritter’s to lead.”

Beauprez said the fight for the Republicans is not over.

“As Republicans, we have work to do. The wind is blowing, and it’s not a friendly one,” he said.

Beauprez still believes the Republicans are the right party because they favor the individual.

“Republicans respect life, family and traditional values,” he said.

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