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Nothing noteworthy is going to pop up in your newsfeed. Check out this list of better ways to spend your time online. By Holly Evans

Ten websites you should be lurking instead of Facebook

Instead of refreshing your newsfeed for the dozenth time, check out these sites when you find yourself putting off writing that paper.

1.  Upworthy

Upworthy’s content tackles big issues and heartwarming stories in an entertaining and irresistible way. The site is made specifically for social media sharing, so if you see one of its links on your timeline, click and browse the other stories it has to offer.

2. College Humor

Instead of refreshing Facebook until something mildly entertaining appears, check out College Humor for some real and relevant laughs. From its hilarious originals of “Jake and Amir” and “Very Mary-Kate” to its “Almost Reading” articles, College Humor will crack you up.

3. SoundCloud

If you haven’t already checked out SoundCloud, you’re missing out. Based in Berlin, this site promotes original audio content, especially music. Browse sweet mixes of your favorite songs or upload your own to create a stream that Spotify and Pandora can’t match. 

4. Curious

Just wondering? Learn how to say “hello” in Japanese or the best way to trim your beard from this DIY-site.


This site tells in-depth human interest stories rather than focusing on the next big headline. Every day a new multimedia story is published as part of a weekly theme. Learn about the most interesting people you’ll never meet instead of the Facebook friends you wish you hadn’t.

6. 5second Films

With complex character development, inventive cinematography and fascinating plot twists, 5-Second Films could leave you laughing or contemplating the meaning of life…But usually laughing.

7. NPR’s First Listen

New music! Check out NPR’s First Listen for the freshest acts you won’t find on your timeline.

8. HelloGiggles

This one is for the ladies — or really anyone who wants to watch kitten videos and discover a new nail design for the week. Founded by musician and actress Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi and writer Molly McAleer, HelloGiggles promotes a positive community for smart and creative women.

9. Now This News

What everyone is talking about, no matter how big or small, as brief as your attention span allows on Now This News. You can watch all the Oscar nominees in only 55 seconds and sound like a film connoisseur.

10. TED 

Learn something significant (and inspirational) about every imaginable topic by spending some time on this website. Win some brownie points from your professor by showing them your favorite talk — there’s definitely at least one relevant to all the classes you’re taking — or browse just a few of the more than 1600 videos on the site to hear from world experts on subjects you’re passionate about.

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