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Passion Pit and Matt and Kim satisfy at 1stBank Center

An absurd grouping of hipsters, Boulder girls, moms and awkward 16-year-olds moved together to the rhythms of Passion Pit and Matt and Kim at the 1stBank Center Friday night.

Bearded men raised their tattooed arms, gaggles of similarly dressed girls bobbed up and down in groups and the rest of us got down to the undeniably delightful, upbeat tunes of both artists.

Matt and Kim’s contagious energy spread through the crowd when the rocked the show’s opening. People were eager to carry Kim as she walked over the crowd after twerking on stage.

Despite worries that the 1stBank Center was not the ideal venue for the duo, Matt and Kim proved they can put on a great show in any acoustic setting.

Heartbroken fellows swooned over Kim’s voice, screaming, “I want to marry her.”

A brief intermission between artists allowed concert-goers to dip into the bars before returning for the headliner, five-man band Passion Pit, with fresh booze in hand. Couples swayed together amidst the buoyant tunes while singles sang in each other’s faces and jumped up and down to “Moth’s Wings” and “I’ll be Alright.”

An increase in the audience’s general intoxication matched the progression of the show. It fueled the energy of the audience as well as the amount of dancing and singing.

Lanterns hung above Passion Pit and changed color to the songs, sometimes pulsing in tune to the beat. Headman Michael Angelakos moved around the stage with microphone in hand, hitting notes most couldn’t reach without first pulling up their pants. The crowd called back to him when he held the mic out to the audience, who threw their hands in the air when he demanded it.

The one downside of such high vocals came when Angelakos’ voice was drowned out by the bass and drums. But the audience’s participation in singing to the songs successfully filled the any intermittent void.

As at most concerts, the crowd was teased with the band’s departure after its “last song,” demanding an encore that Passion Pit, of course, returned to play.

Young attendees were still hyped up from the excitement of the show waiting in the enormous lines for busses. People happily squashed together on the Boulder-bound BV and sat on top of one another to get home, humming Passion Pit as well as Matt and Kim lyrics the whole way.

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