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(Josh Shettler/CU Independent Graphic Illustration)
(Josh Shettler/CU Independent Graphic Illustration)

Music of the 2000s: Where are they now?

Before dubstep, the Harlem Shake or Carly Rae Jepsen, music was a different world. In the first decade of the 2000s, Nickelback and Ashanti topped the charts, not disc jockeys or Glee.

But where have the musicians of the last decade end up? Some managed to build a career and others faded into obscurity. Here’s what happened to four of those who faded away, as chosen by the CU Independent.

4. Dashboard Confessional

In the 2000s, Dashboard’s Chris Carrabba was the voice of a generation. The band hit big in 2001 with the album “Places You Have Come To Fear The Most” which achieved gold status.

Amanda Frient, a 19-year-old sophomore environmental studies major, said she still loves Dashboard for the emotion felt through their music.

“Carrabba has so much passion in all his songs,” Frient said. “You can almost feel his tears.”

Though the band hasn’t put out a new album since 2009, Carrabba has since reunited with his original band Further Seems Forever.  He released an album with them in October 2012 and is currently touring the east coast.


3. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott was the 2000’s female poster-child in rap. With five Grammy wins and six platinum albums, Elliot transcended the norm for female rappers and musicians in general.

For someone so successful, a silent transition from singing to producing was a surprise to fans. Her reasoning is valid, though. Elliot was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2008, which affects motor skills and causes mood swings, increased heart rate and dizzy spells. With radiation and medication, Elliott lives with her illness and now primarily produces.

In September, she released two new tracks with Timbaland. Neither achieved the status of “Work It” or “Get Ur Freak On” but  they represent her return to music.


2. JoJo

When JoJo’s first album dropped in 2004, she was only 13. Her poppy, sassy music appealed to many and awarded her album and two singles with gold status. With the single “Get Out (Right Now)” she became the youngest solo artist since Stevie Wonder to have a  number one Billboard single.

While JoJo has continued to make music, few singles has surpassed the success of her earliest hits. She has an upcoming movie, G.B.F [Gay Best Friend], which also stars Sasha Pieterse of “Pretty Little Liars.”

Despite being largely out of the public eye, JoJo has an avid following on Instagram. Fans can follow her @translucentbrownsugar. Her photos primarily showcase her daily life, providing fans with glimpses into her personality. While her number of followers – 149,000 – is meager compared to currently-popular stars like Rihanna -5.1 million- or Beyonce -2.5 million- they still represent her core fan following.


1. Good Charlotte

If you were a tween in the early-to-mid 2000s, chances are high that you sang along to “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or “Girls and Boys”, which both reached the Top 40 and launched them into the pop-punk stratosphere.

Madison Balentine, a 21-year-old integrated physiology major, recalls her early love for the band.

“I liked them because they were the ‘it’ thing when I was in the seventh grade,” Balentine said of their fame. “Their song, ‘The Anthem’ was very catchy.”

After a successful career throughout the 2000s, the band announced a hiatus in September of 2011. Co-lead singer Joel Madden has been married to celebrity Nicole Richie for four years and has two children with her.


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