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Photo Challenge: Broken

As a way to help our CU Independent photographers develop their skills and expand their creative approaches to photography, the student news outlet’s visuals editors have formed an assignment that is both fun and challenging. Each week, staff photojournalist are randomly given a topic or concept and it is then up to them to get a unique photo that represents that topic.

This is meant to be a challenge. The photographers can interpret the theme any way they wish as long as the photo relates to the topic. We challenge them to think outside the box, make viewers contemplate the topic and to get a photo no one could think of.

Each week, every photographer presents one photo. This week they photographed “broken.”

Also, see last week’s photos here.

Contact CU Independent Photo Editor Amy Leder at Amy.Leder@colorado.edu.

About Amy E. Leder

Amy is a Junior studying architectural engineering at the University of Colorado - Boulder and is the visual content and multimedia editor at the CU Independent. She graduated from Cypress Creek High School in Houston Texas were she was the photo editor on the yearbook and newspaper staff. Upon receiving her first SLR camera in 7th grade Amy has found a true passion and pleasure in photography, and her friends say she is never seen with out a camera with her. Other than photography Amy enjoys being active and playing Frisbee with Kali, the CU Women's Ultimate Frisbee team. Contact CU Independent Visual Content Editor Amy E. Leder at Amy.Leder@Colorado.edu or via Twitter at @Amy_Leder.

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