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Toradol rarely used at CU

Recent news has come out about a powerful painkiller, Toradol, allegedly being widespread in college football. USC football player Armond Armstead recently sued the university based on a heart attack he suffered as a direct result of the drug.

The powerful painkiller, Toradol, has come up in the news recently because a USC football player sufferered a heart attack after using the drug. CU stated that they only use the drug with players’ permission and only orally, which is safer than injection. (Kai Casey/CU Independent Photo Illustration)

Head CU athletic trainer, Miguel Rueda, said in an email that CU only uses the drug in extreme cases and only used it once this past football season.

A nickname for the drug is “the shot” because it is injected in order to get it into the bloodstream the fastest. However, Rueda made it clear that trainers at CU only administers the drug orally.

Rueda also wanted it to be known that trainers only give out the drug after players have done research on the drug and have signed off on the painkiller.

While it is being reported that there is a serious issue sweeping college football, the Buffs have not been effected by it. All indications show that trainers are taking precautions and following procedures.

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